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“Ravicchio is a truly exceptional, original and visual theatre artist.

Brilliant is the only word to describe Ravicchio's talent for producing

dialogue and visual imagery alike.” 

- Jyllands-Posten, News Denmark

Born in 1958 in Germagnano (Turin), Italy.

Playwright, director, actor, set designer and  video designer.


From 1996 co-founder and  artistic director

of Meridiano Theater of Copenhagen


From 1974 until 1995, affiliated with the Teatro dell'Angolo in Turin,

where he has created over 30 performances.


Has also produced and directed performances

for theatres in among other places : Paris, Madrid,

Tel Aviv, Montréal, Osaka and Shanghai.


His plays have been translated into 34 languages

and performed in 59 different countries across

five continents, and today he is ranked among

the most played Italian

theatre dramatist in the world.

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