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A performance about the myth above all myths: The Beginning
Written and designed by Giacomo Ravicchio. The performance features new and original music by the French composer Jérôme Baur.
All humankind, big and small, have from time immemorial pondered the same eternal questions about the origin of life. 
‘Genesis’ takes the audience on a three-dimensional journey across the universe, in an enigmatic tale of life’s mystery. 
The performance is accompanied by live music and only few words. The audience is left with poetical and magical images in their minds’ eye and the opportunity to think about and discuss further the most profound and the simplest questions in life. 

Director, writer and designer: Giacomo Ravicchio

Cast: Elise Müller, Lars Begtrup and Jeppe Volkmann
Composer: Jérôme Baur.


Awarded ’The Exellent Production’, Shanghai 2007


Produced by Meridiano Theatre



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