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Animals is a postmodern journey through the world of George Orwell, somewhere between Animal Farm and 1984.

For over 50 years, the pigs have held absolute power in the animal world. A false democracy confers a few benefits on a few chosen animals, while the political opposition has had no chance of winning an election - until now.

An uprising lead by the sheep creates a threat to the government. The response is a resolute smear campaign, military coup, and the hunting down and final destruction of the rebels by the country’s dogs.

Two youngsters, a sheep and a dog, live through the revolution. En route, they discover that their friendship has developed into something deeper.

Something all the others regard as unnatural.

Cast:  Mette Alvang, Annevig Schelde Ebbe, Vika Dahlberg , Elise Müller 

Author, director, set-designer: Giacomo Ravicchio 

Composer: Jerome Baur

Mask: Katrine Karlsen 

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