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”The great Houdini” is a play about being locked in and breaking about. A story that unfolds into a fluid border-zone between inner and outer reality, where inner and outer voices intermingle, and where magic is constantly breaking through a brutal or trivial reality as an expression of the inner life of dreams.

A modern adventure about illusion without end, about being locked up in a state of outer order yet inner chaos, a state which is on the point of collapse. The main character Enzo is a former conjuror who is now a rich and successful businessman. He feels himself a stranger, especially a stranger to his own success. Only when he meets the girl trapped in a life of drudgery do the fragments of his existence begin to take shape. ”The great Houdini” is a love story where “magic” not only means performing conjuring tricks,

but also being confronted with the inexplicable. In ”The great Houdini” Giacomo Ravicchio proves himself to be a conjuror of some talent. This also goes for the beautiful and magical imagery of the set design, and in taking on the main character role himself and pulling off illusions both great and small,

he treats the audience in flashes to a veritable Las Vegas magic show.


Script, director, designer: Giacomo Ravicchio

Composer: Jérôme Baur

Dramaturg, script translation and adaption: Bent Holm

Cast: Lars Begtrup, Charlotte Christie, Rebekka Owe and Giacomo Ravicchio



Produced by Meridiano Theatre


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