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The two old puppeteers Martha and Arthur have been servants in their youth and now tell the story of Constance: A rich and distinguished girl who is used to getting everything she asks for - until the day she falls asleep in a box and being transported far away to a strange and unknown land.

A touching tale of indulgence and fall – played with puppets, music and vintage objects in a very stately scenography.


"..a beautifully told tale of coming of age, storytelling at a high level." 

Theater newspaper

Cast: Dirck Backer, Maria Myrgård

Direction and music: Giacomo Ravicchio

Authors: Giacomo Ravicchio, Dirck Backer, Maria Myrgård

Scenography: Giacomo Ravicchio and Theater Patrasket

Lighting design: Elke Laleman

Dolls: Dirck Backer

Props: Finn Bernholm

Builder: Steen Mols

Doll costumes: Charlotte Calberg

Technique: August Myrgård Backer

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