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Ouverture is a comic and poetic story of life within a peculiar sort of orchestra. It is a story of joy and sorrow, of great happiness, and of violent tragedy, all of which evolve between the members.

Where the performers come from, no-one knows. Perhaps they are family to one another, or maybe they just come from the same remote village somewhere in Europe. We don’t know, - and their characteristic accent is not immediately recognizeable.

With a duration of ca. 40 min., no set up time, and a gripping, immediate intensity, Ouverture is very suitable entertainment for parties, conferences, and civic festivals, and can also be performed in the schoolyard or gymnasium, shopping centers, and as a street performance. Or as a quite ordinary performance upon the stage.


- Villanueva Awards Critic – Best performance - Cuba 2003, January 2004 


Playwrights: Giacomo Ravicchio and Søren Ovesen
Director: Giacomo Ravicchio
Composers: Bernhard Christensen, Erik K. Christensen, Nina Foss and Batida
Costumes: Birte Henriksen

Number of performers: 8



Produced by Batida Theatre

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