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Ravicchio is a truly exceptional, original and visual theatre artist.

Brilliant is the only word to describe Ravicchio's talent

for producing dialogue and visual imagery alike.”  

( Comoedia Humana )  Jyllands-Posten, Denmark


"Ravicchio creates theatre in images full of cinematic drive and artistic
lines, and he directs his actors with the spatial sense of a sculptor."  

( Transit ) Information, Denmark

"That Ravicchio is some magician!"
( Earth, air, water and fire )  Ekstra Bladet, Denmark

"A stage miracle."
( Comoedia Humana )  Politiken, Denmark

"Giacomo Ravicchio is a truly exceptional and original visual and theatre artist (…)

Dream and reality, reflections and visions all weave together

in Ravicchio’s fantastic Pandora’s box set design.""
( Foetus )  Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

"Ravicchio is a truly outstanding visual artist."
( Earth, Air, Water and Fire )  Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

“In Ravicchio's work, the audience often witness the employment of all kinds of cinematic techniques and ideologies,

amazing his understanding of the stage, the utilization of the space, the employment of the multimedia technology,

and the melange of singing, dancing and acting.”
(White Snake) Shanghai Metro Express, China


” Giacomo Ravicchio has combined the incompatible.

Exceptional (…)

this wild at heart version of “The Tempest” rolls across the stage and amazes us

with the most sinful mix of virtuosityclownish jokes, touching love scenes, circus,

conjuring tricks, slapstick as well as tenderly embracing.

( The Tempest ) Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld

"The visual concept is a stroke of genius."  
( Promise Land )  Le Monde, France

In the multi artistically talented Giacomo Ravicchio’s ingenious and filmic visual theatrical universe,

he air is filled with magic right from the very beginning... Meridiano Theatre’s “All the Time in the World”,

which is a delightful combination of a wonderful puppet show full of beautiful images

and a simple as well as witty text full of interest, amusement and finesse.
( All the time in the world ) Teateravisen, Denmark

 "Giacomo Ravicchio and Meridiano’s fabulous and visually stunning performances
put them head and shoulders above the rest of Danish theatre."

( Comoedia Humana )  Jyllands-Posten, Denmark
Once again we find ourselves in the fantastic, unfathomable universe that  
Giacomo Ravicchios’ Meridiano Theatre is renowned for..

 ( Genesis )  P2, Theatre magazine. Denmark

"Spectacular, intense, and unutterably blissful, this show offers some moments blessed with grace."
( Promise Land )  La Stampa, Italy  

"Promise Land  is a hymn to life, to nature and to man, at once creator and destroyer of his own existence
(…) With Promise Land , the theatre declares its act of faith in life."

( Promise Land )  El Universal Grafico, Mexico

”’Genesis by Giacomo Ravicchio  is a wordless journey, leading the audience into a magic 3-Dimension universe.
An incredible experience of discovering the origin of life.”

( Genesis )  Xinmin Evening News, China

“Giacomo Ravicchios’ Meridiano Theatre encompasses all the best aspects of theatre:
Grotesque and lyrical, political and human in an inspired, self-invented theatrical world,
which whirls around the stage with infectious Italian madness”.

( Comoedia Humana )  Information, Denmark

"The most powerful and spectacular theatre of its kind we have achieved in Denmark"
( The man from Tollund )  Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

" Chaplin, a talkie that leaves you dumbfounded. Bravo Giacomo Ravicchio! Bravo Meridiano!"  
( Chaplin )    Le Progrès, France

 Beautiful music, perfect integration of multimedia with puppets.
A musical journey to discover the origin of life.”

( Genesis )   Fuzhou Evening News, China

"The very best theatrical practice"
( Earth, Air, Water and Fire ) The Scotsman, Scotland

"Staged with remarkable ingenuity by Giacomo Ravicchio "
( Foetus )  The Herald, Scotland

"Definitely a masterpiece of its kind."  
( Promise Land )  La Presse (Montréal)

"Poetically and technically brilliant."
( Earth, Air, Water and Fire )  Information, Denmark

"An exceptionally aesthetic and visual experience
( Earth, Air, Water and Fire )  Århus Stiftstidende, Denmark

"Among the shows presented in Lyon this season, in all categories,
this is one of the strongest, most beautiful, and most simply perfect."

( Promise Land )  Le Progrès, France

"Reflecting life itself in all its glory"
( Comoedia Humana )   Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

"Staggering, poetic theatre."  
( Comoedia Humana )   Information, Denmark

"You'll never see anything like it again."  
( Promise Land )  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (USA)

"Meridiano is everything theatre should be."
( Comoedia Humana )  Information Denmark

"It is nothing less than a beautiful, imaginative and life-affirming story"
( Comoedia Humana )  Urban, Denmark

"One is simply dumbfounded. Meridiano leaves the well-known, established theatres for dust."  
( Comoedia Humana )   Universitetsradioen, Denmark

"Meridiano Theatre has created a visually beautiful show."
( Earth, Air, Water and Fire )  The Scotsman, Scotland

"It is a rare thing for an audience to spontaneously give a standing ovation - but they do here."
( Chaplin )   Berlingske Tidende, Denmark

"Meridiano produces what is arguably the most original and visually creative theatre in Denmark."
( Promise Land )   Jyllands-Posten, Denmark



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