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It’s a sad day for Anna today. 
Thunder, her dog, is dead. 
Anna wants to know what happens when you die. 
Granddad thinks your soul flies up to heaven. But he’s not completely sure. 
So Anna decides to find out where Thunder’s soul has gone to. 
She sets out on a journey that leads her far and wide in space, time and different dimensions and in the end brings her back home again to new events… and friendships. 

Anima is a puppet show for 4 to 11-year-olds and their parents and grandparents.
Gently and poetically it tackles a theme which people of all ages have always found difficult to understand and relate to. A surprising, multi-dimensional and visual performance, which fills the audience with hope and leaves them with the feeling that ‘life is beautiful’.  

Anima continues in the same vein, as regards target group, style and expression, as Meridiano’s acclaimed and international award-winning production ’Genesis’ about the origins of life in the universe.   

The production is available for tour bookings from September 2009. 

Author, director, designer and composer: Giacomo Ravicchio
Script translation: Bent Holm
Cast: Lars Begtrup and Elise Müller
Technician: Eva U. Handberg 
Puppets: Per Christensen
Stage sets and props: Poul Arne Kring


Produced by Meridiano Theatre


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