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Even though Olivia is small, her thoughts are so big, she can imagine everything in the whole world.


Olivia is almost 6 years old and is so strong and invincible that she almost has a yellow belt in karate. She knows a lot about many things and yet there is much to wonder about in this great, diverse, and incomprehensible world. Luckily, she has her imagination, and with that she can search after answers and travel where she wants even far out into the universe.


Everybody goes around wondering … even the smallest of us.

A pictorially magical and musical show for everyone from 4 to 100 years old, about thoughts, emotions, and dreams in the midst of this concrete, physical, and real universe

Cast : Elise Müller, Lars Begtrup

Author, director, designer:  Giacomo Ravicchio 
Composer :  Jerome Baur

Technician : Andreas Darum


Produced by Meridiano Theatre


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