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Magical visual theatre, performance, music, modern dance and ’living’ video – all blended together in a stunning set – a total sensory experience played by nine actors, musicians and dancers. Theatre appealing to all the senses.  
‘TRANSIT’ is a production about the human senses.
According to oriental philosophers there are nine consciousnesses ‘in play’ throughout a person’s life.

The five senses we know from our own culture make up the first five of these nine.
For each of the nine consciousnesses there is told a story. Nine apparently separate stories, but which in Giacomo Ravicchio’s unique theatre are strangely woven together.
At a large international airport somewhere in central Europe all flights in the area that day are forced to land.

Men and women from all corners of the world on their way to different destinations have to spend an unknown number of hours in no-man’s land. In this limbo we see their past, present and future as the stories of their lives weave in and out of each other, touch each other and are changed.

Author, director, designer: Giacomo Ravicchio
Composer: Jérôme Baur
Dramaturg, script translation and adaption: Bent Holm
Cast: Samy Andersen, Claus Maack Bahnsen, Lars Begtrup,

Pernille Lyneborg, Claudio Morales, Elise Müller, Judith Rothenborg,

Soma Allpass (cellist), Louise Hyun Dahl (dancer).

Produced by Meridiano Theatre 

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