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A roof surrounded by ocean. Two men meet here after a disaster. 

One speaks several European languages. The other a strange kind 

of gibberish of some Oriental origin.

The ocean is the only witness to their struggles to find a common language so they can initially meet their need for survival, and later on enjoy their ‘bounty’, dream of their past and decide about their future and a new life…   


The performance, written by Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna in 1985, has played on five continents and been staged in 20 different countries by more then 100 theatre companies.


The original version was played and directed by Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna and produced by the Teatro dell’Angolo of Torino in Italy. 


Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna played together 500 show, all over the world.  

The playwrights’ own original production alone has won the following awards: 

Award max de las artes Escenica  Premio Espectáculo Revelación, Madrid 2010- Spain

- Award for the best show  Los Santos de Maimona (Extremadura). 2010-2011- Spain

- AGIS award for the best Italian production with the most performances abroad, May 1991 - Rome - Italy

- Schauspiele ’88, Award for best set design, May 1988   Munich - Germany

- The city of Turin Award, Theater Play, May 1987  - Turin - Italy

-  Award for best foreign performance, May 1987 - Montreal- Canada

- The "Golden Ticket" AGIS/BNL ,August 1986- Taormina - Italy


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