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By William Shakespeare

It is a historic event when Danish and Chinese actors, along with the world famous Shanghai Acrobat Troupe take the stage in a unique version of Shakespeare’s most inspired and last but one play.
Giacomo Ravicchio creates a spectacular and metamorphic set design, where the tempest rages itself out and the ship, with a grotesque army of clowns, is thrown ashore onto a mystical island occupied by weird, flying and snakelike creatures as well as magical, evil airy spirits. A war breaks out as two young people meet high above in the air to perform an acrobatic love dance between the forlorn shreds of the ship’s sails; thus pure forgiveness completely thwarts
a terrible plan for revenge.

Directed by Giacomo Ravicchio

Actors: Tommy Kenter, Lars Knutzon, He Huan, Ma Qing Li, Ole Sørensen,
Jiang Ke, Fu Ya Wen, Glen ziqver Xavier, Elise Müller, Wang Zi, Lars Bergtrup
Acrobats: Lui Shurui, Sun Xining, Zhang Shanshan, Wei Jinglong    
Orchestra: Lene Pernille Christiansen, Sus Hauch, Tobias Heilmann,
Anders Hentze, Simon Holm, Søren Ovesen, Karen Rasmussen, Tine Sørensen,Thomas Bredsdorff-Larsen,
Musical director: Manner Peschcke-Køedt
Composers: Batida, Erik K. Christensen, Nina Foss
Dramaturg: Bent Holm
Light designer: Michael Breine

Produced by: 

Meridiano Theatre
Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre  
Batida Theatre
Shanghai Acrobats Troupe
Theatre Møllen

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