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A video opera about Ingeborg, the last danish folk singer


The opera takes its inspiration from the Danish folk singer Ingeborg Munch


Patricelli is keen to demonstrate the musical nuances that emerge from a reinterpretation of a complexmusic genre. He has inserted elements that have nothing to do with folk music in order to emphasise thecontrast with the original material.

The opera can best be described as an experimental and magicaluniverse of sound, accompanied by documentary footage and video art implemented by the visual theatreartist Giacomo Ravicchio


Music and libretto: MauroPatricelli

Director and video designer: Giacomo Ravicchio


Singer. Xenia Lach-Nielsen


Ida Lorentzen (violin),

Eva Katrine Dalsgaard (viola),

KarinDalsgaard (cello)

Maria Boelskov Hansen (harp)

Matias Seibæk. (percussion) 





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