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To enter into holy matrimony - accompanied by sweet music…

The orchestra has been hired for the great event; however, the bridal couple is being delayed. While waiting, the orchestra lives a life of its own – which is anything but boring: shockingly tragic, outrageous, and touching.

What was supposed to be music for a delightful beginning tends to look more like a GRANDE FINALE!



- Best director   ’New Generation  theatre festival  Giocateatro April 2008 -  Turin -Italy 

- Best  artistic  performance  New Generation , Giocateatro  April 2008 - Turin -Italy  

- Best Acting  2008 -  Bucarest - Rumania 


Author: Giacomo Ravicchio and Søren Ovesen
Instruction: Giacomo Ravicchio
Composers: Thomas Bredsdorff-Larsen, Nina Foss, Erik K. Christensen and Batida.
Costumier: Birte Henriksen
Workshop/theatre magic: Mads Rasmussen
Requisites: Annika Nilsson

Number of performers: 9

Produced by Batida Theatre



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