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"AGONY – an eating opera"  is a delicate, reflective, and taboo-breaking opera that invites its audience for dinner.

The libretto tells the story of modern-day’s struggles against patriarchy and conservatism.

AGONY is an allegory of modern man’s existence in the shadow of looming disasters,

with the main character, Il Padre, sitting at the end of the table.

AGONY is a brand-new opera concept where chef and food stylist Michelle Appelros creates a spectacular dinner, which is served live.

Composer, librettist: Line Tjørnhøj

Director, co-author, and set designer: Giacomo Ravicchio

Chef, food stylist and performer: Michelle Appelros

Singers: Robert Koller, Daniel Carlsson and Anna Ottertun

Cellist: Marie Louise Lind

Violinist: Anna Jalving

Percussionists: Ying-Hsueh Chen and Sara Rosendal

Conductor, musical rehearsals: Mathias Skaarup Sørensen

Lighting designer: Christoffer Gulløv

Video designer: Jens Mønsted

Costume designer: Marianne Meyer

Technician: Frederik Eberhardt

Production assistants: Christina Mattson & Hanna Donslund

Photo: Anders Bigum

Photo Food: Signe Vad & Michelle Appelros

PR manager: Karen Toftegaard

Production management and administration: 1:1 Produktion / Louise Kirkegaard & Maria Meyer

Producer: Tone – Kunst & Komposition Food collaboration: Spiselauget 

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