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"Promised Land" (original title "Terra Promessa") has already toured all round the world and has enthralled audiences and critics alike. 

"Promised Land" is a journey back in time. With poetry and humour, it tells the story of mankind, from prehistoric to modern times; the simple lives of different characters on the same land unfold around a stone. From one century to the next, this stone is a privileged and silent witness to men, women, and children who are born, live, and die on this planet. It bears their traces, it carries their memory. 
"Promised Land" is told without words. Music and sounds provide the language for this universal tale aimed at audiences of all ages. 

Promised Land, featuring four actors, was created by Nino D'Introna, Daniel Meilleur, Graziano Melano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Monique Rioux. 
Original music and sound effects: Michel Robidoux
Cast: Claus Maack Bahnsen, Lars Begtrup, Elise Müller and Giacomo Ravicchio

Original version produced by Théâtre Les Deux Mondes (Canada) and Teatro dell'Angolo (Italy). 
The Danish version is directed by Giacomo Ravicchio


Produced by Meridiano Theatre


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