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Arthur and Marta are two very old puppeteers, who have been together for life. With a magical pavilion as a focal point, they play the story of the poor orphan boy Max, who is being bullied and suppressed - and is always longing to fly. Even when he starts travelling with a circus. But one day he meets the giraffe woman Lily, and the great love that might give him wings…

”FLY” is a puppet theatre drama for the 5 to 10 years olds - a poetic journey into a circus universe with strange characters, big emotions and captivating puppet imagery. The performance is created in collaboration with the director Giacomo Ravicchio and draws on inspirations from melodrama, freak show and circus romance.



Director, set designer and composer: Giacomo Ravicchio

Cast: Maria Myrgård, Dirck Backer

Puppet maker, prop maker and consultant: Katrine Karlsen

Builder: Steen Molls Rasmussen

Technician/light design: Peter Rasmussen

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