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Inspired by The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen

The great emperor of China discovers that the most envied wonder in the world

is the song of a nightingale living in his immense royal garden.

When he finally hears that song, he is moved by such beauty and has the nightingale locked up in his royal palace.

One day, however, he is presented with a mechanical bird capable of singing on command with unheard-of perfection.

The new arrival supplants the nightingale, which flies away, never to return.

However, the mechanical bird, with its repeated perfection, fails to fill the emperor's nostalgia for the nightingale.

The great emperor thus falls ill with an incurable sadness that brings him to the brink of death,

when suddenly the nightingale returns to him, singing for him from a window.

The Emperor rediscovers in that song and in that gesture of sincere friendship a taste

for life and for authentic beauty.

With: Mirjam Schiavello, Pasquale Buonarota and Alessandro Pisci
Direction, set design and video design Giacomo Ravicchio
Text Pasquale Buonarota, Alessandro Pisci and Giacomo Ravicchio
Original music Andrea Chenna
Lighting Emanuele Vallinotti
Costumes realisation Roberta Vacchetta
Set design realisation Alice Delorenzi



Produced by:

TRG Foundation 

Unione Musicale Onlus

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