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From the edge of the bed in the children’s room we gaze through the window and look at the world. We look at the moon and the sky full of stars. We get a chance to have an inside view, participate in and re-experience everything that occurred during the day. And this is where the magic begins…

In terms of music and visual effects, I Remember Everything is a carefully composed performance on the theme of a day that draws to a close, allowing the magic to begin in a universe, where nothing is forgotten.


- Reumert Nomination  for the Best Show for children and young people. 2016 - Denmark 


- Årets Børneteater Danmarks Teaterforeninger "Jeg kan huske alting" Teater My  2016 - Denmark


- CPH Culture Nomination for the Best Show for children and young people. 2016 - Denmark



Direction and set design: Giacomo Ravicchio 

Playwright: Giacomo Ravicchio & Mette Rosleff 

Performer: Mette Rosleff

Technician: Sigurd Røge Dissing 

Composer: Martin vognsen

Propsdesigner: Sigurd Røge Dissing

Workshop: Steen Mols og Mads Rasmussen 


Produced by Theatre MY


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