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"Ravicchio creates theatre in images full of cinematic drive and artistic lines, and he directs his actors with the spatial sense of a sculptor.

And then Jérôme Baur composes the mesmerizing music to complement these images, so that the momentum of the film medium is recreated in the theatre (…) As always with Meridiano, the performance deals with themes common to all people across all cultures.

Genuine globalised theatre (…)

Ravicchio has such a keen eye for all those small everyday reactions, and his performers deliver confidently and devotedly: Meridiano Theatre is a connaisseur of the human mind (…)

When the gentle and greek-like statue of Meridiano actress par exellence Elise Müller wanders the stage like a zombie in a post-natal depressive paranoia, you know that Meridiano has come to town.

When the engaging Samy Andersen plays a European in Japan, you wish the performance would never move on from this sharp cartoon-like stylisation. When the very funny Claudio Morales shuffles animatedly away firing off yet another optimistic joke and with the seat of his pants hanging coolly down, you wish that you could hear more of his story - this overworked and taken-for-granted right hand man to his genius brother.
When pretty Louise Hyun Dahl unfolds her fans and dances, you wish her body could take over the role completely and tell everything the spoken lines cannot. And when the beautiful Soma Allpass takes up her cello, you wish the sound could create its own story right there in amongst all those images.”
- Information (2007)

"Breath-taking mosaic of images (…) Transit is charming, evocative and intelligent in its collage of coincidental meetings between people who are stranded for a short time at an airport (…) Beautiful scenes and impressive scene changes (…) The quick yet seamless scene changes almost resemble film-editing in their precision, helped considerably by digital and theatrical wizardry."
- Byene Kalder (2007)

"Powerful atmospheric images. The very effective scenery is made up of a series of movable and translucent screens in the Japanese style. Backwards and forwards they roll, constantly revealing new and unexpected scenes and situations.

Ravicchio and his people are Denmark champions at fast, elegant scene changes, and together with the brilliantly varied lighting design and array of beautiful slide projections, the performance takes off as if it were a film by Robert Altman."
- Jyllands-Posten (2007)


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