by Nino D’Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio


There are performances that get to their end within one season; others that, almost without that the actors and authors know how; became classics.

"Robinson & Crusoe" debuted in 1985. 

The original version was written, directed and played  by Nino D’Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio and produced by the Teatro dell’Angolo of Torino in Italy. 

Nino D’Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio played together 500 shows all over the world.


During its long life it has been represented across five continents, many awards have been conferred upon it and more the 100 different companies from different countries have held it. As it happens to every classic that deserves respect, its life continues "by request".

Born to be addressed to the kid's audience, a dramatic development of considerations about "the solitude in childhood", "Robinson & Crusoe" won applause among audience of every age, spreading immediately, with incredible amusement, its exceptional vital power and the exceptional emotions that are peculiar to it. 

The styles and the themes of the performance are still actual today, it seeks and finds a delicate balance between speech and non-verbal language and uses, in a calibrate and intense way, music, light and scenography.