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Theatrical magic ***** 
'Giacomo Ravicchio is a true master of children’s theatre (…) You cannot but love Elliot, the child of divorced parents, who is so reluctant to fall asleep. (…) In a soft voice, Mette Rosleff tells us of his parents who - just for the principle of it - disagree on everything to do with Elliot, who in turn, due to his sorrow, is just about split in two (…) Without great fuss or unnecessary pedagogical sermons, The Paper Moon - in the voice of Lars Begtrup - ensures Elliot that he is in no way to blame for his parents divorce. Only then is Elliot able to sleep - while the rest of us can enjoy the delight of children’s theatre, which, as if the most natural thing in the world, combines life’s big questions with the most exquisite poetical images.'
FyensStiftstidende, 17th October 2014

Meridiano have created a wonderful show about Eliot, who is small and afraid but lacks nothing in imagination. It can take him all the way to the moon.
Giacomo Ravicchio is a master of the puppet theatre in all its shapes and sizes. I refer to the large, “All the Time in the World” and the smaller “Little Steps” with Mette Rosleff and Theatre My. But he is not alone: he has allied himself with two talentful and discrete puppeteers, Therese Glahn and Lars Begtrup. Without for one second taking focus away from the world of the puppet, they tell the story with a few words and gracious movements. It’s a delight to see such perfect artistry. 

Elliot climbs out of bed, says goodnight to his goldfish, to his tiger and car and softly almost everything around him dissolves and our focus rests on a book - or books. Without difficulty, Elliot flies high up in the air over countries and kingdoms. Out of the atlas a map of Africa magically appears with lions and giraffes and rhinoceroses: and when the huge book truly opens up, new images emerge - a colourful village with grandma’s house and a light in the window, for example. It’s a scenographic bonanza - like the most fantastic, three dimensional congratulations card - and I let myself be taken in with mouth agape and eyes wide open.
Teateravisen 28th June 2013


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