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""All good things come in threes, as the cliché goes. But how often does a theatre undertake such an ambitious project as this - three performances about the four elements, intertwined with man's search for his roots and his identity - and be able to carry it off in such a consistently powerful and captivating way?" 



That Giacomo Ravicchio is some magician " (…) "Theatre as a truly physical experience. A world of imagery conjured up through a set design of outstanding ingenuity. In the blink of an eye the scene changes from an igloo to a flying helicopter, so you almost have to duck your head, if that's possible when you're sitting open-mouthed with amazement. The images are that convincing." 
Ekstra Bladet , Denmark (2000)

"Meridiano's visual imagination is altogether riveting. Poetically and technically superior."
Information, Denmark (2000)

"Powerful and captivating. Impressive visual theatre, totally unique. Dream and reality, mirrored images and visions are woven together in Giacomo Ravicchio's fantastic treasure chest of a theatre set." 
Jyllands-Posten , Denmark (2000)


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