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"A complex, enigmatic drama, with superb production values and startling visual effects which match the very best theatrical practice"
The Scotsman, Edinburgh (2000)

"A complex, distinctly challenging piece staged with remarkable ingenuity"
The Herald , Edinburgh (2000)

"A veritable explosion on the senses. Just to think that this kind of theatre exists!" 
Folketidende, Denmark (1999)

"Ravicchio continues to be a rare and highly original image-maker. Every moment cuts sharp as a knife, the poetry alternating constantly and unexpectedly with the comedy (…) And Elisabeth Befrits has never been funnier. She is the extra bonus in a performance which already looks like a sure-fire winner." 
Jyllands-Posten, Denmark (1999)

"Theatre with an international diversity of format and fantasy. Ravicchio creates theatre which continually changes, transforming both itself and the audience through countless astonishing ideas (...) Six actors perform at least 20 roles, impressively discreet and disciplined." 
Information, Denmark (1999)

"I was happy when I left the premiere of 'Air and Water'. Not because it was over - on the contrary I would give anything to enter the magical world of the play in my dreams (…) The stories are told so well, so courageously and humorously, that I often had tears of laughter in my eyes (…) Everyone should see it." 
Ekstra Bladet, Denmark (1999)

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