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Information, Denmark (2003)


"The most powerful and spectacular theatre of its kind we have achieved in Denmark(...) We left the theatre at about 1 a.m., full to the brim with powerful images, deeply satisfied with an experience far and above the usual… I love this production. It portrays something of the true magic of the theatre as miracles are born before our very eyes. At the same time it is also a very Danish and familiar story of a calibre that can easily measure up to international theatre standards. So I cannot recommend strongly enough these six hours spent in the company of astronauts, angels, fabulous beasts, nightmares and ordinary people, whose stories are told with a myriad of wonderful and comic detail, as they struggle to gain a foothold on life somewhere between heaven and earth (...)

Giacomo Ravicchio is a truly exceptional and original visual and theatre artist (…) Dream and reality, reflections and visions all weave together in Ravicchio’s fantastic Pandora’s box set design."

Jyllandsposten, Denmark (2000)


"Meridiano's visual imagination is altogether riveting. Poetically and technically superior."

Information, Denmark (2000)


"That Giacomo Ravicchio is some magician (…) Theatre as a truly physical experience. A world of imagery conjured up through a set design of outstanding ingenuity. In the blink of an eye the scene changes from an igloo to a flying helicopter, so you almost have to duck your head, if that's possible when you're sitting open-mouthed with amazement. The images are that convincing." 

Ekstra Bladet, Denmark (2000)


"Powerful and captivating. Impressive visual theatre, totally unique. Dream and reality, mirrored images and visions are woven together in Giacomo Ravicchio's fantastic treasure chest of a theatre set." 

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark (2000)


"A complex, enigmatic drama, with superb production values and startling visual effects which match the very best theatrical practice"

The Scotsman, Edinburgh (2000)


"A complex, distinctly challenging piece staged with remarkable ingenuity"

The Herald, Edinburgh (2000)


"A veritable explosion on the senses. Just to think that this kind of theatre exists!" 

Folketidende , Denmark (1999)


"I was happy when I left the premiere of 'Air and Water'. Not because it was over - on the contrary I would give anything to enter the magical world of the play in my dreams. The stories are told so well, so courageously and humorously, that I often had tears of laughter in my eyes (…) Everyone should see it." 

Ekstra Bladet, Denmark (1999)


"Theatre with an international diversity of format and fantasy. Ravicchio creates theatre which continually changes, transforming both itself and the audience through countless astonishing ideas. Six actors perform at least 20 roles, impressively discreet and disciplined." 

Information , Denmark (1999)


"Ravicchio continues to be a rare and highly original image-maker. Every moment cuts sharp as a knife, the poetry alternating constantly and unexpectedly with the comedy (…) And Elisabeth Befrits has never been funnier. She is the extra bonus in a performance which already looks like a sure-fire winner." 

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark (1999)


"Visual magic." 

Politiken , Denmark (1996)


"This performance gives us a glimpse of eternity, with its 2000-year perspective on a love story mysteriously, but nevertheless logically, bound up with The Tollund Man, guiding us through endless expanses of dreams and magic. All within a fantastic set design which makes for a film-like yet intimate theatre experience relevant for our time. There is depth, height, width and some added fourth dimension present here." 

-B&U, Denmark (1996)


"Ravicchio is a rare and highly original visual wizard."

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark (1996)


"An exceptionally aesthetic and visual experience. One inspired scene follows another in a fascinating and complex story, stretching intriguingly both backwards and forwards in time."

Århus Stiftstidende, Denmark (1996) 


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