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"A stage miracle"
- Politiken, Denmark (2004)

"Meridiano Theatre and the multi-talented Giacomo Ravicchio spin love around with giddy madness. Meridiano Theatre encompasses all the best aspects of theatre: Grotesque and lyrical, political and human in a dizzying, self-invented theatrical world, which whirls around the stage with such infectious Italian madness that, as a winter-pale Dane, one cannot help but lose one's inner imbalance - and laugh along with the rest at life's trials and tribulations. For here is life in all its many facets - even more daringly composed than in the previous mega-success Earth, air, water, fire from 2000. But with the same ambiguous mirroring of life on earth (...) For multi-talented Giacomo Ravicchio - the performance's writer, director and set designer - apparently nothing is impossible."
- Information (2003)

"Ravicchio raises our day-to-day troubles and strife up to international heights. It is a truly universal performance, bubbling with craftsmanship (…) You simply cannot believe your own eyes."
- Weekendavisen (2003)

"Theatre group Meridiano's natural ease with theatrical language is consistently charming and intelligent."
- Politiken (2003)

"With this performance and seven talented actors, Meridiano has once more managed to create an experience unparalleled by any other theatre in Denmark. It is lively, satirical, sweet, moving, parodic and romantic at the same time. Reflecting life itself in all its glory (…) Simple and ingenious scenery: the seven movable door-frames work brilliantly. As does Ravicchio's talent for both writing dialogue and creating visual theatre."
- Jyllands-Posten (2003)

"A sensuous gem (… ) It is nothing less than a beautiful, imaginative and life-affirming story (…) A pearl of a play performed with warmth and wit."
- Urban  (2003)

"Ravicchio has mastered an extremely advanced theatrical style, performing fascinating magic tricks with the medium. He operates with surgical precision - but combines this with empathy, warmth, humanity and virtuoso musicality (…) One is simply dumbfounded. Meridiano leaves the well-known, established theatres for dust. When the performance is over, you clap as loud as you know how - but what you really want most of all is to see it again."
- Universitetsradioen (2003)


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