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"Chaplin, a talkie that leaves you dumbfounded (…) The performance, full of impressive stage effects, is as precise as the film-maker himself and as natural as Chaplin the actor (…) Bravo Giacomo Ravicchio! Bravo Meridiano!" 
- Le Progrès, Lyon (2003)

"Ravicchio himself plays a tremendous silent Chaplin complete with flapping arms like an ugly duckling's wings (…) Chaplin wanders in and out of film sequences with natural ease - it is overwhelmingly original in both conception and production, packed with surprises - and is performed brilliantly. And it is very, very funny. A sparkling performance (…) It is a rare thing for an audience to spontaneously give a standing ovation - but they do here." 
- Berlingske Tidende, Denmark (2002)

"The exciting thing about Meridiano Theatre's Chaplin is the way the performance portrays a film career in a theatre context, the combining of two related and yet essentially different art media in one. The performance unites the theatrical and the cinematic to great effect. At the same time it (re-)creates the form of refined slapstick comedy for which Chaplin was reknowned all over the world. Giacomo Ravicchio has succeeded magnificently in capturing the essence of the original Chaplin. It was the comedy which formed the basis for Chaplin's art. This has been reanimated in a theatre context without the link back to film being cut." 
- Weekendavisen, Denmark (2002) 

"The highest of praise to Chaplin (…) Funny and moving (…) We value Meridiano's beautiful, imaginative and visually stunning performances, which set them apart markedly from the rest of Danish theatre." 
- Jyllands-Posten, Denmark (2002)

"Marvellously simple gags (…) Everyday life's misunderstandings and misfortunes raised up to the highest artistic stratum of timing and rhythm, whilst maintaining the quick staccato movements of the silent film. Fast-moving and reproduced with beautiful plasticity, the whole cast in full swing around the group's central figure Giacomo Ravicchio, who on top of playing the tramp with the bowler hat and walking stick, is the play's original, sharply analytical writer, director and set designer." 
- Politiken, Denmark (2002)

"Entertaining and gripping performance (…) teeming with life and people, merriment and genuine fun, but at the same time with a sure sense of the pain in the artist's life (…) Brilliant visual imagination (…) With his lush narrative style, multi-talented Giacomo Ravicchio confirms what we have seen before - that he is an outstanding theatrical visual artist. The performance is an unusually successful union of the magic of the theatre and the cinema, which altogether creates a beautiful and deeply fascinating universe of text, acting and stage design. And done in such a way that one does not dominate the other, but on the contrary intensifies the expression of each individual artistic medium. Erik Bach and Giacomo Ravicchio (as the old and young Chaplin respectively) are convincingly sharp and moving, supported by a tremendously good cast." 
Børneteateravisen, Denmark (2002)


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