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“More than just a show… a total experience … a magical story about Maja and Babette, who get lost in the December snow … hair-raisingly beautiful cello playing.”
– Line Dahl, december 2015

Giacomo Ravicchio’s world has a magic I cannot resist(…) 
When ”Angels in the Snow” is allowed to unfold itself in all its glory, that unique Meridiano Theatre magic occurs. It is here that tender actress, Elise Müller, brings her poetic nature on to the stage.(…) 
Elise Müller is, as always, fantastic. Her voice has a softness and her being a gentleness, which radiates out of her every careful movement. She moves the puppets around with tantalizingly slow hands (…) 
Jérôme Baur has composed some very beautiful cello music - a mixture of something that sounds well known but at the same time is very new. The cellist, Lea Havelund Rasmussen plays the music with such feeling and in such a personal way, it is as if her bow tells its own story as it strokes the strings.(…) 
One leaves the theater with the feeling that one has experienced something extraordinary. Something big. Something that has a hint of the divine about it, hiding itself deep inside the shows magical social realism. Something that moves one to tears.” 

- Anne Middelboe Christensen, Teateravisen, December 2014

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